Prytaneion Kafalari

37, Kolokotroni Str., Kefalari Square


Following the successful progress of the restaurant in Kolonaki, the ILIOPOULOS family successfully established a PRYTANEION restaurant in the north suburbs of Athens as well. The PRYTANEION restaurant is located at Kefalari square, across Sotiros church, in an all green environment.


The minimalistic architecture and the modern decoration by Eleni Vernadaki is enriched with pieces of famous Greek artists such as Moralis, Pavlos, Gaitis and Simossis as well as a lot of her own creations.


The PRYTANEION restaurant located at Kefalari is a cozy complex: the restaurant with a view to the nature (ideal for business lunches), the bar with louder music, the lounge offering the possibility to relax on the comfortable sofas and finally the prive site (ideal for business/private meetings). In the summer, the place becomes open by means of high technology and is equipped with water-mists.

There is the possibility of cooking chosen dishes in front of the customer (must be requested!!!).
Free Wireless (WiFi) internet access.



The PRYTANEION restaurant is a place for all the generations. Businessmen, scientists, politicians, artists, athletes and many others hang around both restaurants and enjoy great quality and perfect service.


By 10 p.m. the DJs lifts up the senses with latest hits, all over the world.


The restaurants are open every day, by 9:00 a.m. offering fresh coffee, juices and light breakfasts. The Kitchen is open between 12 p.m. and 01.30 a.m. (FRIDAY - SATURDAY until 01: 45 a.m.) .
The bars are open until 03:00 a.m. Telephone reservations are welcomed.

All credit cards accepted.